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Vaaleanpunainen Kohina

Vaaleanpunainen Kohina
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Members of the band

  Joona Ikonen – vocals, harmonica
  Petteri Karppinen – percussions
  Markku Pitkänen – keyboards, programming

General info

  Vaaleanpunainen Kohina (Pink Noise in English) was founded in Kuopio Finland in the year 2005. The band was evolved from Markku’s lo-fi electro rock project called Sys Rq. The basic idea of Sys Rq was to use the full capacity from the cheap, but very sympathetic, combo organs and home keyboards, and add a bit of edge to the sound.
  The same musical approach appears also in Vaaleanpunainen Kohina, but in a more evolved way. Now the edges have been rounded a bit, but due to the added vocals, this project has more versatility and more musical directions to take the songs to. There are many influences in the music, but one could define the genre as lo-fi electro pop. The bands that have influenced us most are probably 22-Pistepirkko, Allman Brothers Band, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Neil Young, OP:L Bastards, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Verve and Vangelis.

Download free music

01. Rain On The Beach n/a Download
02. Out Of The Pink n/a Download
03. Better Not Mess n/a Download

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