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Members of the band

  Aarion (U.S.A.)
  Chris (U.K)
  Marty/Randy/David (U.S.A.)
  Pam (U.S.A.)
  Courtney (U.S.A.)
  Darrell (U.S.A.)
  Stoneman (U.S.A.)
  Harry (Finland)
  Jenna (New Zealand)
  Karen (U.S.A.)
  Dixie (U.S.A.)
  Rolf (U.K.)
  Mike (Canada)
  Spiro (Australia)
  Tom (U.S.A.)
  Pete (U.S.A.)
  Stef (U.K.)
  Allen (U.S.A.)
  Darren (U.S.A.)
  Elad (Isreal)
  Misty (U.S.A.)
  Melissa (Mexico)(coming soon)

General info

  Welcome to the Koalition...This is a world-wide collaboration project started December 2003 with Heterodox Roxx & Eutioa
  new members & songs in the works!!!!!!
  profiles for all members can be read by clicking the links above. If you like the idea, collaborate with the Koalition come to the site sign up tell us what you are looking for and lets hear what you got!!!! listen to more tunes from this artist at: KOALITIONmain site
  KOALITIONmp3 site
  similar artists: Queensryche, Evanessence, CandleMass, Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, In FLames, Ozzy, Dio, Dimmu, Black Sabbath, Ect.
  From The Ashes Cd...print version now available. $8.00 U.S. currency
  Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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From The Ashes CD (preview) n/a Download
Lifes Lessons Cd (preview) n/a Download

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