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Knock Em Stiff

Knock Em Stiff
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Members of the band

  Lobo-Lead Vocals, Guitar
  Spike-Upright Bass/Vocals
  Jeff Eerie-Drums

General info

  Started in July of 2003, Knock 'Em Stiff is quickly becoming one of San Diego's most sought after rock 'n' roll bands. Being one of the only San Diego psychobilly bands KNock 'Em Stiff is the leading psycho band in unifying the San Diego psychobilly scene. Performing with raw energy fed from the crowd and playing their own style of horror rock 'n' roll, Knock 'Em Stiff has already toured with the godfathers of psychobilly The Meteors in Texas and playing only less than a year. "Only Knock 'Em Stiff Is Pure Slaughterbilly..."

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Demon Eyes n/a Download
Invisible Web n/a Download
NIghtbreed n/a Download
Proctor Valley Road n/a Download
Trioxin n/a Download

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