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Members of the band

  Bob (Bowillie) -Vocals, Guitar,Bass
  Joe6Pack-Vocals, Guitar, Programming

General info

  Knightmoods - Just a concept. A passion to create music. For the love of a compelling sound. Fight, Love, Serve. We are not at all there, yet. But, each new recording brings us closer to our nirvana. We hope you enjoy our songs as much as we did siring them.
  A note about our song refering to Jeffery Skilling-
  *Sorry to anyone if I hit a nerve, but that was my intention. I'm not saying he is guilty or not, I'm just singing a song. If you'd like to contract a song about anything or anybody, contact Joe @ Crooked Shack Studios, Peace To Us All

Download free music

Jeffery Skillings Lament (Commin Down Hard) n/a Download
Rachael Ray (mp3) n/a Download

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