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KJ Abyzz

KJ Abyzz
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  KJ Abyzz

General info

  Growing up as KJ wasn't the easiest thing in the world, much of what happened to him growing up still affects him much of him today.
  Nothing is worse than the mental scarring he was forced to face during his days in high school, we all have our own stories about what we go through at high school however when you go through elementary school and end up having many friends who stick by you and who you are close with turn there backs on you as soon as grade 9 rolls around, not only does that put you in an awkward position of thinking that you know someone to now thinking that they are only out for themselves your whole world changes.
  Through the beginning of high school KJ realized that all of his friends in elementary school changed, but not changed for the better or grown up as it appeared that you were suppose to do but changed to not wanting to know him. Approaching many of his old friends in the halls only to realize that they wouldn't even respond to him or even look his way when he talked.
  Not only did they do that but they also set up many of the verbal assaults that were targeted at KJ through the years of high school, at times they would act like they were his friends from old days only to line him up for a verbal assault from not just one but many students, these assaults wouldn't just go last one or two minutes but they would last for the full day, once 3:00 came around did these assaults end ?, not a chance as he would have to endure them on the bus both going and coming to school each and everyday these assaults would last through the rest of his high school days.
  After dropping out of high school did these assaults have any affect on him, well yes of course they did as they were many of the mental scars that he has to bare today, paranoid to do many things in front of people or even to talk in front of them always fearing in which they will lash out much similar to what he has gone through in the past, KJ spent much of his time from high school just being quiet growing up in a small town not saying much to anyone.
  He never did think much about the future as he never thought he did have one, till he picked up a pen and started to write. It was his only way of telling his story to the world about the troubles of his past, although like most writers he doesn't always choose to write about his past as he doesn't like to talk about it. But when he does you can rest assure that the talent that he does posses will truly shine through the mental scars that have affected him through his life as he's sure that many people will be able to not only feel but understand what he has gone through in the past


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