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Kill The Bastards Inc

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Members of the band

  Josh-all instruments

General info

  For those of you who like traditional progressive and deeply atmospheric blackmetal Kill The Bastards Inc is your band. The whole first album Still Born But Breathing is downloadable below.
  feel free to contact us through our friend list and become members of our own army of darkness in the fight against christianity and humanity.
  Kill The Bastards Inc. was formed in april 2007 By Josh Swift and at the time of recording Still Born But Breathing was the only member doing all instruments and drum samples. Mike joined in the mid summer of 2007 replaceing the drum machine............We will be performing live shortly keep in touch with us for

Download free music

Dementia My Hell n/a Download
EYES OF A KILLER n/a Download
Humanity To Burn n/a Download
Still Born But Breathing n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks