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Killing Santa Clara

Killing Santa Clara
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Members of the band

  Members are Mikey(guitar)
  and Joey(bass)

General info

  Ksc is A Four piece band out of Columbus Ohio. KSC mixes powerful/melodic music with heart touching vocals, creating a strong, passionate overall sound.
  Bio of Killing Santa Clara
  The members of Killing Santa Clara started playing in early 2000.Origional members Chris Wellman (drummer), and Mike Oberley (guitarist) met and right off the bat had the same dreams. They knew where they wanted to go and how to get there. After playing in their first band and with a hand full of people, they found Joey Swords in 2002 (their current bassist) and formed an inseparable match.
  During this time they struggled to find the right front man with the same professional views and qualities that they have. In late 2004 they contacted Dave Escobedo (current front man) through a friend and met at a Waffle House in Grove City, Ohio. They discussed personal dreams and views and realized that every thing was a perfect match.
  The name Killing Santa Clara has an artistic meaning of letting go of the pains that this world or those in this world have caused us. In other words forgive, forget and move on with life!
  Each member of Killing Santa Clara are seasoned musicians and always strive to be more professional yet still have fun in doing so. With their passionate yet powerful sound and devoted members, Killing Santa Clara has all the right ingredients to be successful in the music industry.
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In Love And War n/a Download
Saw This Pass (Rough mix) n/a Download
Worlds Between Us n/a Download

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