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Members of the band

  Nick Koreck - Bass
  Eric Horn - Guitar & Vocals
  Bob Frazer - Guitar & Vocals
  Nolan Orth - Drums

General info

  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Birthplace of KiD GiB. The group, formed in 2000, consisting of four savvy musicians with a passion for good hard melodic punk rock. Bob Frazer (guitar, vocals), Eric Horn (guitar, vocals), Nick Koreck (bass), and Nolan Orth (drums) recall times spent together since the days of kindergarten. With many different linup changes, by summer of 2001, KiD GiB was formed. They have graced the stage with acts as Jersey, Sewing With Nancie, Off The Mark, District 7, Sector Seven, Digger, Handheld, Rimtrik, The Box Social, Room Without A View, Since 84/Naked-Flubber, Klutz, Nimfo etc. Their music features melodic vocals, harmonized guitar riffs, walking bass lines, and solid drumming. The memebers of KiD GiB are influenced by punk, metal, jazz/funk, alternative and classic rock. Their music, combined with the band's live show, has begun to earn KiD GiB much praise and adulation. Their commitment to build live experiences will keep them busy, captivating audiences and sowing their own brand of melodic punk rock.

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Smoke and Mirrors 0.01 MB Download

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