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Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold
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Members of the band

  Jerry - bass
  Kevin - voc, guitar
  Tom - drums

General info

  Do you know KEVIN ARNOLD?
  No, no.... forget about "Wonderfull years".
  That was sweet, but....
  KEVIN ARNOLD which YOU should know
  itís NEW great indie-pop band.
  Alternative music, garage expression, mellody and physicall miscellaneus.
  The only one in Poland, in only triple-city on the world.
  Kevin Arnold is extraordinary band formed in the end of 90s.
  Group in own cost record 3 singles, played on local radio.
  Intesity of music, inteligence words (both in polish & english), cool composition with good sense of improvise make especially effects on stage.
  Kevin Arnold played many life concerts in little pubs and bigger places.
  We love Kevin Arnold and Kevin Arnold love rrrrrrreallly good music.

Download free music

Farelka 2.57 MB Download
Norman 3.22 MB Download

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