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Members of the band

  Andrew Brain - voice, guitar, synth, production etc
  Robert Follen - drums, voice, synth, guitar etc
  Luke Sample - guitar, synth, flute, mandolin etc

General info

  Hello my lovelies! Cult UK trio Keshco make music in many forms, from spiky folk to wooshy electro and from brooding gothpop to dreamy soundscapes. Their lyrics are witty and heartfelt, or just plain absurd. Live performances feature homemade projections. Come to their home page to read about their many albums, nibble on a few mp3s, and learn about the manifold benefits inherent in becoming a Keshcologist. Buck up folks, it's a must!

Download free music

Anna n/a Download
Doogies Song n/a Download
Gloom Monger n/a Download
Icecream Kisses n/a Download
Zoetrope n/a Download

Latest tracks

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