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Katie Marie

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Members of the band

  Katie Marie - Guitar, drums, bass & vocals
  Luigi Langella - Lead guitar/rhythm guitar
  Jools O'Kelly - Keys

General info

  There aren't very many artists around who can really touch your soul with their songs - Katie Marie is one of the very few. With emotion filled lyrics and atmospheric music, she brings alive an ability to express her deepest feelings and views.
  Her EP Been Here Before is a true example of her creative songwriting - with a mixture of feelings and sounds this CD is sure to leave you wanting more.
  Been Here Before has 6 emotive tracks including newly recorded versions of Have My Love (which was #1 in the acoustic/folk chart for 7 weeks straight) & Mirror.
  Katie has finally finished recording her first full length album entitled Confessions which is available through many on and offline stores! Check out her website to find out more.

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