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Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani
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  Kamal Imani aka KamalSupreme is a Poet MC and Spoken Word Artist who fuses hip hop, soul, reggae, reggaeton and more with lyrics which are social, sexual and sometimes comedic.

General info

  this day he host several open mics in the NJ area. Some of his CDs include "Revolutionary Art Volume 1: Purified Gases", Revolutionary Art Vol 2: The Mic is Calling Me, and he is set to drop another one before September of this year. Kamal loves to uplift and challenge the audience and usually has a few humorous pieces up his sleeve as well.
  In the midst of negative hip hop gangsterism and commercialized poetry, Kamal brings authentic spoken word and hip hop from the underground to the mainstream.
  Kamal Supreme Amen AKA Kamal Imani has been on the same stage (opened for or performed with) the likes of Buju Banton, MC Shan, Jazzy Joyce, Big Bubs, Cassidy, Red Head King Pin, King Just, King Sun, Das Effects, Doug E Fresh, and more!. KAMAL has been seen on a commercial for TNNs & the WWFs "WAR IS RAW". He has comprised the soundtrack for RBG promotions new Blockbuster Distributed indie films "Holla if it kills you" and "Goldigger Killer(Coming Soon).
  Kamal is currently a HBO The Wire Spoken Word Finalist on
  An American Idol Underground Spoken Word Chart Topper
  A Vocalized Ink Radio Chart Topper.
  On the last NBA season 2004, He performed as one of NJs Most Talented, at half time in The Continental Airlines Arena for the NJ Nets Game. He was recently interviewed and recited poetry on New York Citys progressive radio station WBAI, and performed at NY and NJ top poetry spots such as Nuyorican Poetry Caf, Bowery Poetry Club, Nells, Serenitea, Wired Coffee House and more. He has performed at Princeton University, Farleigh Dickinson University and Hampton University. Kamal is currently acting in the traveling play The Greatest Is Love by Gloria Williams.
  Kamal's New CD "The Mic Is Calling Me" which features controversial, sensual and political spoken word and hip hop is available at
  Kamal is now a host on The Revolutionary Art Radio Show Every Sunday Evening at 8:00 PM EST and has a new wedding CD out called "Jumpthebroom" at and

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Girl You A Heatrock! n/a Download
Its Da Lil Things by Eastern Philosophy n/a Download
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