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Members of the band

  Vandalicum - vocals, guitars
  Nocturno - keys
  Independor - drums, clean vocals, back vocals, narrations

General info

  Kagan was founded under name Hesperus in 2006 by Vandalicum. In start band contained five members but only two remained. Band members are located in tiwns of Pirot and Belgrade. Kagan deals with paganism. Kagan is not trendish band and won't be stated like one. Our lyrics are our thoughts, feelings and beleifs. In june 2007 band recorded promo EP "Ostavstina". Vocals on Ostavstia were sang by Independor, original singer is Vandalicum. Line up is Independor - drums, Vandlicum - guitars & vocals, Djole - guitar and Nocturno - keys. Band is currenly in search for an label so if any interested feel to contact us.

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Kagan n/a Download
Ostavstina n/a Download
Sahrana Srebrnog Idola n/a Download

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