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dance / techno


Members of the band

  K8 (kate)

General info

  May 2008 - K8's latest new single released - 'Rising Higher'
  May 2008 - 'Manhattan Skyline - psycho mix' also released - dance/club version of the popular pop single 'Manhattan Skyline'
  April 2008 - K8 wins IAC Music's 'Golden Kayak Award for Best Dance Song 2007' with her song 'Intense - dance version'
  November 2007 - Release of single 'Manhattan Skyline, scores high in internet charts.
  April 2007 - Release of single '38 Degrees & Rising'
  November 2006 - 'Gorillas Don't Dance' - tongue-in-cheek dance club single released (from K8's new CD-EP '38 Degrees and Rising') - The six track CD '38 Degrees and Rising' contains two brand new songs, the title track '38 Degrees and Rising' in full and radio edit versions and 'Gorillas Don't Dance'. The remaining tracks are her last 3 single releases 'Seduction' 'Splash!' and 'Luscious'.
  K8 has 2 CD releases available:-
  Her debut CD 'I Know It's You' is available from CD Baby I Know It's You and major online outlets.
  Download also available from Itunes iTunes
  Her second and new CD release '38 Degrees and Rising' is also available from CD Baby 38 Degrees and Rising
  Previous releases -
  June 2006 - pop-rock single 'Luscious' released
  January 2006 - pop-rock single 'Splash! released
  November 2005 - dance-pop single 'Seduction' released
  April 2005 - single release 'Intense' in pop & dance versions
  December 2004 - debut single release 'I Know It's You' in dance & rock versions. Video also released
  'Been singing since forever! I love dance and pop/rock music.
  Been recording and performing dance and rock-pop for about 5 years now and have released nine singles. A new CD compilation of later singles will be due out fairly soon and I am now working on my debut full length CD album of new songs.
  Listen to my latest singles!
  See you soon!'
  K8 xx

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Luscious n/a Download
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