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Just Off Turner

Just Off Turner
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Members of the band

  Bryan Mounce - Lead Vocals & Guitar
  Eric Gustafson - Drums & Percussion
  Stephen Andrews - Bass
  Phil Metzler - Keyboards & Guitar

General info

  "Hot alternative modern rock with a flavorful Southern twist is what Just Off Turner provide. Great American rock & roll, with attention to songwriting, soaring vocal harmonies and Top 40 choruses make this act a must see." - Music Connection magazine March 2005
  Los Angeles-based but originally from Fayetteville Arkansas, Just Off Turner combines the musical styles of their heroes (Counting Crows, The Beatles, Radiohead & Jeff Buckley) while adding their own unique sound and passions to create modern music with a timeless feel.

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Bad For Business n/a Download
Getting Out n/a Download
Just Go n/a Download

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