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Jughead McAnus

Jughead McAnus
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jughead McAnus - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Songwriter, Chronic Masturbator

General info

  What can we say about Jughead that hasn't already been said? The man is a legend in the Brown Metal / Toilet Rock genre. Starting with "The New Goatshaggers" and 'The Ringstingers", he quickly moved up to 'Gunt' and then finally formed SHITE with some friends from his past.
  Shite quickly moved up the Toilet Rock charts, to compete head-to-head with The Bloody Urinals for the Kings Of Toilet Rock crown. Luckily, the competition was well-received by all parties, allowing this history-making collaboration to take place.
  Jughead plays Fender guitars, uses Randall amps, and engages in solo sex several times a day.

Download free music

(I'll Never) Run Outta Bungwipe n/a Download
American (Sub)Standard n/a Download
Arse n/a Download
Butt Plug n/a Download
Live To Skate n/a Download
Roman Mahroney n/a Download
Toilet Jihad n/a Download

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