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Members of the band

  dk- musical arrangements all instruments and sampling backing vocals
  jj saucedo- all vocals

General info

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  Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, Joy Parlor is riding on the wave of young new artist, combining hip hop/ RAP/ with alternative sounds. Here’s the twist, they have also developed their own new style, which introduces the world to their unconventional beats based on progressive music with hardcore/ pop lyrics. (A little something for everyone!)
  You might say its CRYSTAL METHOD meets LINKIN PARK meets one big party! Former T.V.T recording artist J.J. Saucedo (Juster) leads the team providing the explosive rap singing formula with a vocal style that you cannot compare or challenge. You may have already heard his voice on everything from TV/radio spots to movie soundtracks.
  Rounding off the group is D.K., who is the master engineer/ producer in charge of the beats and music arrangements. Be ready for the multitude of listeners running to their local music stores, looking for that hot new CD, which makes heads spin and clubs bounce all night long. JOY PARLOR represents the future of music and will be filling the airwaves with that brand new style.
  © J.P. 2005

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