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Joy and Sorrow

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Members of the band

  Mertsi(vocals, guitar)
  Jasu (bass)
  Andre (drums)
  Marianne (vocals)
  Pekka (guitar)

General info

  This is my best friend´s named Mertsi (the leader) band. He lives in an substitute home (formely he lived in Viiala like me)because he doesen´t like school and he is 14 years old but he drives any car like Tommi Mäkinen... Everyone in Viiala thinks that Mertsi is just an criminal but everyone that knows as well as i do just loves him... All the lyrics are written by Mertsi and the songs usually tell about his life, and about how it changed when he was taken from his home...

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Valkoisempaan 2.86 MB Download

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