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Jordy Paul

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Members of the band

  My name is Jordan Paul but as you can see on here I go by Jordy Paul. It was first a nickname for me given by my friends, I thought it would be adequate enough for me to use it as a name that no one would be able to find me with. It did save me a couple times from embarrassment. I chose to use it because I wasn't really comfortable with people hearing my songs, they mean a lot to me and I didn't know how well it would be taken. And of course I lacked confidence and thought that all my songs sucked more than anything on the face of earth.
  I had an interest for guitar around the age of 12, I didn't really have any skill until the age of 14 when I brought my guitar to camp. I played simple little one string songs and was quite happy with what I had accomplished. I kept plucking away for the years to follow I learnt a few songs here and there but I still didn't have a passion for writing music and lyrics. Until I got my first girlfriend and I attempted to blow her away with a song of how I felt about her. It wasn't too bad I don't think. That song is called I miss you. I wrote that in August 2005, and that would be the start of my music career. At the age of 17 I found it a little late for me to be starting something like this because all I had seen of musicians is that they have been doing this since they were little. Not me, and no one in my whole family has taken music into their life as much as I have.
  I kept on writing, about that girl and my feelings for her, and then that ended and my life went on I still thought about love and life and everything else to go with it so more songs came and I got better at guitar and tried to get better at singing. My music was a secret to most people, only some girls knew and random people off the internet. It wasn't till about the end of high school that I had the confidence or courage to tell more people about what I do in my spare time. It was great to get it out there and that led me to working on my music more and more. It also lead me to vocal lessons,choir, and being a musician for the church I have attended ever since I was little. Now that I'm 18, out of high school and looking at my life I have chosen to keep on path with anything to do with music so in the fall of 2007 I am going to London Ontario to become and Audio Engineer at OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology).
  My writing has been influenced by girls, friends, family, and random acts. But my style has come from a list of artist that I really enjoy and in no particular order here they are. Brooke Annibale, Jason Mraz,John Mayer, Teddy Geiger, Michelle Branch, Beck, Jet, Ben Lee, Ben Harper, Ben Kweller, The Rocket Summer, Jack Johnson, The Spill Canvs, Jamie Cullum, Incubus, Our Lady Peace, Donavon Frankenrieter, Matt Wertz, Dashboard Confesionals, Sufjan Stevens, Jupiter Sunrise, Star Field, Motion City Soundtrack, Sia, David Usher, and many more.
  The future of Jordy Paul hasn't unveild its self yet, wether I'm going to be a performer with a huge record deal or will I work for a live sound company or in a studio working with some of the best names in music I don't know. But whatever it is I will be happy doing it. In the future that I do know I can tell you that I will be getting better recordings and working with more artists, I'll have new songs with new sounds and my singing will improve. I may play some shows and get more press. I might come out with a self produced compact disc (CD) maybe even some tapes. All of this takes money though so I don't know how far I'll get with it.
  I'd really like to know what you think of my music, even if you don't like it. You can always contact me at you can add me to msn too. Or talk to me on purevolume my listeners username is jo_j_paul

General info

  I only have time after school to work on anything and holidays when we get them, sometimes I work on my music more than other times. The production quality of my songs is getting better and better each day with more experience and new tricks. The only thing I worry about when I play is if it's me. So if you really have a problem with my music, then tell me, but dont tell me to change, I make my music the way I like it. I am open for new ideas since I teach myself everything I know I might have not known something that can be really useful. And I love to hear my songs with new things added to them (ex. Harmony, drums, bass, ect.) Just like Allison did to How we Happend. And if How we happend isn't up there with her vocals in it then just ask me to e-mail you the track.
  My future expectations for my music is to be more comfortable with playing in front of people. A better performer so that I could play shows and such. Learn more and more piano and have somone join me in my music journey so that they could play piano while I play guitar in shows. I want to become a better singer and with the confidence I want to have I will hopefully be able to ask somone that I know to teach me how. I am hoping to get a purevolume pro account but money is hard to come by most of the time and I find better uses for it. And the most important thing that I expect to come out of my music is to be able to talk with fans and become friends with them and let them not just be someone who likes my music but somone that can say; I listen to Jordy Paul, he's pretty cool, you should take the time to talk to him sometime. Because I like to get to know new people and don't worry I will make time to talk to you even when I make it big.
  Thanks for visiting the site and write me an email to tell me what you thought, I dont care if you even hated it, just let me know. and and also has more songs
  This is my e-mail and msn.: (I would be happy to send you songs that aren't on the sites)

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