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Jordan-(experimental electronica BigBeat

Jordan-(experimental electronica BigBeat
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Members of the band

  Jordan Woollen-synthesizers, samplers, keyboards, drum machines, effects proccessors, vocoders, filters, guitar, sound mudules, sequencing.

General info

  Producer since 1993. Alternative, experimental electronica. Songs widely ranging with funk, emotion, fear, sadness, mystic, but all with a BIG BEAT. Many melodic layers and very unpredictable. Imagine if Pink Floyd and The Beatles made electronic music. Over the years, I built my studio and have collaborated with many male and female rap/spoken word artists, vocalists, guitarists, and have also done alot of post-production/sound design/audio-video editing. View pics of my studio on my Homepage.

Download free music

Get back in the Groove 6.13 MB Download
I want to but I CAN'T!! 4.28 MB Download
Mind Masterbater 3.03 MB Download
Resin Girl 4.22 MB Download
Sun,Rain,Wind Stars. Fun, Pain, Sin, Scars 3.75 MB Download
The LuvCat 6.25 MB Download
What the Heck 3.80 MB Download

Latest tracks

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