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Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly
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General info

  Lone singer/songwriter. Self produced.
  Inspired by John Lennon and the Beatles, Moody Blues, YES, The Kinks, Captain Beyond, CSN&Y, Simon and Garfunkel.....and many many others.
  These are my songs, and to a degree, they represent an indie sensibility, in that they were recorded in my living room, with a minimum of technology. Basic four track, analog stuff, but I think that they have a sincerity of purpose, and I hope that the words and melodies that you find here project these qualities in you heart and mind.
  For the most part, these songs are a very personal and intimate account of my life and loves.
  I hope that they will please and move you in some wholly intangible way. That is their mission.
  Please take a moment to hear me, and to feel what I feel.
  I hope it is a rewarding experience for you!
  My songs are my Life, and welcome to it!

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AfterGlow n/a Download
Grey Birds n/a Download
She Comes Back n/a Download
The Bevoli Ring (L'Anneau De Bevoli) ~remix~" n/a Download
Walking Stick n/a Download

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