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jimreilly jr

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Members of the band

  Jim Reilly Jr - Vocalist

General info

  James J. Reilly, Jr.
  If all the worlds' a stage, then let us introduce one of its' newest performers. Jim Reilly is a born and raised New Yorker, who started his vocal career early on as a theater major in Newtown High School. His interest in music initially stemmed from the work of his father, who was involved in the early stages of performing Irish Folk music on local radio. Jims' love for musical theater was evident to all those with whom he studied at the City College of New York.
   To further hone his craft, he studied privately with vocal coach, Alice Christie, and involved himself in a series of professional workshops, the most recent being with Jim Cowan, former A&R consultant with Columbia and Polygram Records.
  Jim Reilly has done a number of benefits for local establishments, and has compiled a versatile repertoire. His activities in music as well as the community were recently recognized by the daily publication, Newsday.
  Jims' present focus, besides the writing of new material, is introducing new audiences to the works of such gifted composers as Gershwin, Mercer, and Rogers and Hart as well as other giants of the Popular Music Era.
  Jim is an affiliate songwriter with BMI and the Songwriters Guild of America. Jim has formed a publishing company affiliated with BMI, Soul Inspiration Music.
  Recent Events
  While obtaining his Masters of Science, and MBA, Jim has forged ahead in his music career. Jim has performed over the last few years at such venues as the White House in Whitestone, New York. The Austin Ale House in Forest Hills, as well as at Angeloís Ristorante, where he appeared from 2004 through 2006.
  Not limiting himself to these locales, Jim has also done a number of charity events. Among these are shows for Senior Centers such as the Springfield Gardens Senior Center and Bridge View Nursing home where he was received enthusiastically. Jim also has done a yearly fundraiser for St. Annís School, a major event on their calendar.
  Before their move to Brooklyn, Jim performed The National Anthem for the Queens Kings, which was a minor league affiliate of the New York Mets.
  Jim was a contributing artist to a 26 week Time Warner Television Series, Karnival, seen on QPTV Channel 56.Jim has recently completed taping a program, Something Old, Something New - Musical Stylings Of Jim Reilly, which was broadcast July 13, 2005. This year will also mark a return to a series of summer concerts at the Forest Park Bandshell in conjunction with Heart-N-Soul Entertainment.
  Besides performing, Jim has completed his first C.D., entitled Something Old, Something New, a collection of Standards as well as his own original compositions, and has begun production on his 2nd C.D., This Oneís for You. His goal is to concentrate on a career in music as well as drama.
   For Further Information
   917-917-287-1023 (home)
   917-442-2371 (cell)
   917-271-0062 (pager)

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