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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jethro - programming, guitar

General info

  Jethro is Jeff Klein, musician, producer and songwriter, raised in Cromwell, a small town in central Connecticut. Jeff spent eight years, from his late teens into his earlier twenties, in the modern rock band Seven Ender. After much success and on the brink of stardom, Seven Ender sadly was forced to take a very extended break beginning at the end of 2005. Always dreaming of a career in music, Jeff took on the alias Jethro (a nickname among friends) in early 2006, and decided to take his electronic music hobby to the next level. Combining his love of the rock, electronic, and instrumental genres, Jethro’s goal is to create a diverse and unique blend of music that inspires, motivates and induces emotion.

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A Feeling Like No Other n/a Download
In Memory n/a Download
Strangers and Regrets n/a Download
Taken By The Sky n/a Download
The Very Place You Want To Be n/a Download

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