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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Matt- Guitar
  I won't be adding anymore stuff to mp3lizard because of all the popup ads... there are already 4 pop-ups open since I signed in.

General info

  All I have here are 2 mp3s of unplanned playing done in one take for the purpose of making sound clips of my Soldano Astroverb (with a factory added effects loop).
  I now think that the signal levels may have been too hot going into my soundcard so they sound slightly fuzzy even though the amp
  does not.
  For these clips A Celestion Vintage 30 was miced in a 2x12 Avatar cab.
  "Astroverb 10-7.5": preamp gain: 10, master: 7.5
  :00 neck sinlgle coil, guitar volume: 3
  :18 guitar volume: 10
  :42 Boss SD-1 on (drive 9 or 10 o'clock, level: 1 or 2 o'clock I think)
  1:11 bridge humbucker (SD Custom), volume: 3 again
  1:18 guitar volume: 10
  1:59 Delay
  2:39 SD-1 Super Overdrive off
  2:51 Boss BD-2 Blues Driver as boost: gain: 0, drive: 2:30
  "Astroverb 8-8 Feedback" preamp and master: 8
  :00 Humbucker, volume 10
  :57 SD-1 on
  1:09 Delay
  1:45 neck single coil, SD-1 off
  2:20 SD-1 on
  2:44 Humbucker
  3:12 single coil
  3:20 Humbucker
  3:32 Delay
  3:40 Feedback
  4:09 Blues Driver on
  4:20 Feedback and clip ends

Download free music

Astroverb10-7.5 2.74 MB Download
Astroverb8-8Feedback 4.03 MB Download

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