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Jennifer Ever

Jennifer Ever
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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Valto: guitar and vocals + base
  Lehmä-Aapinen: guitar and vocals + bassmatic
  Kece: Drums + silly noises
  Jyri: vibrato

General info

  Hi ! We are a funny little Pop/Rock band from Finland, but serious about it. Our main point in making music is to get people happy when they hear us and of course to make music that we love, and on the gigs we really have succeeded in this purpose.
   If you listen to our songs careful enough, you might find yourself standing in the middle-of-nowhere and thinking.."Oh,yeah! So this is the thing that was missing in my life! What else do I need!" And if you still need something, what in earth could that be! Maybe a new television? Or a clean pair of socks? Well, I don't know!
  Yeah Right!
  Listen and enjoy !
  Leave us some creative feedback. :)

Download free music

BelleSport n/a Download
Boy With a Rock´n-Roll-Heart n/a Download
Daisiers n/a Download
Hit Record n/a Download
Posie n/a Download
Raincoats keep falling on my Head n/a Download
Take a Trip n/a Download

Latest tracks

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