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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Jc Mos - producer

General info

  BX748 is a trance producer.
  Trained as a classical musician he began his career at age 6.
  He has performed in numerous places and covered infinity of public events giving concerts.
  His career really started after a group of talented young musicians decided to get together and form a pop-rock band. He was really enjoying being part of the band playing the 'farfisa'.
  Then he bought a ‘spectrum’ (that’s a computer with 48 Kbytes) and tried to extract some beeps out of it, mission impossible!!.
  Years later he bought a computer capable of midi and not long after he signed a contract with a record label.
  After seven years away from the scene, he is back to promote his album "DJ, come with d' tune". One of the tracks of this album “Miss you all” , used in the world's first TV series for the internet.

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DJ, come with d' tune n/a Download
in love with the girl from the fish and chips shop n/a Download
Miss you all n/a Download

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