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Jaye Ink

Jaye Ink
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Members of the band

  Jaye ink

General info

  A capable lyricist with an odd, overheated, destabilizing flow, which he typically pours over melted soul beats. It's no secret that Jaye ink has a distinct sound—a sound that can't be linked to any other artist thats found in the city Philadelphia. Jaye ink is a pure talented artist/songwriter who is pressing forward in his own lane and sound. From the soothing vocals to the emotional lyrics, Jaye ink has all the tools to break through onto the mainstream without a problem even tho still being a new artist, his catalogue is already impressive, but all eyes lead to his upcoming project which is still (untitled)set to release this year.

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Black Lives Matter n/a Download
Fuck Em n/a Download
Just Doin My Thang n/a Download
Whine Closer Remix n/a Download

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