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Jason J.

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  Jason J. - Vocals/Lyrics

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  Jason J. (
  by guest reviewer James E. Roberts Jr.
  “Torch songs”—that’s how Jason J. described his music in a recent TV interview with Talking About. With lyrics as “There’s the life you live, and then the one you wish you had” in his song Just One, his songs can certainly appeal to one’s deepest self-pity. However, his CD Emotions blends these strong, heart-felt lyrics with pumping beats—which has allowed him serious air time in the Los Angeles and New York clubs and allowed fans to belt along and dance with his techno-pop music as Jason J. emerges from his humble beginnings and out of obscurity.
   The first song in the CD is Here I Am, Jason J’s latest—a highly addictive song that will get you off your feet. It starts simple with a slow, consistent build up, almost like setting up a scene for a video, until Jason J. belts out the fast paced chorus and a little later, reveals his capable vocal range (listen as he wails, “lies!”). It definitely has some sad lyrics, but has a very strong upbeat feeling that I can’t quite explain. This is a song for those of you who have just been through a tough fight with a loved one and want to reconcile.
   The next song, Just One, is a stirring ballad—one which after you dance your heart out with Here I Am, forces you to take a breather and sit down and really think whether there is such thing as a soul-mate. If you felt nostalgic about a love lost with Here I Am, this will make you cry. It is a rapid transition from the first song to this, and you can not help but appreciate the theater-like vocal quality of Jason J. as he sings:
  How I miss how you would hold me and I never felt so lonely
  Don’t you know inside I’m dying and these tears, I can’t stop crying
  Indeed, such an ability to sing his lyrics with such emotion is perhaps a testament to Jason J’s theater background and adds a powerful touch to this ballad. As Talent Magazine notes of Jason J., "the natural tone of a timbre like quality of the voice is easily blended with the chords that are the hallmarks and signature of a good singer"
   His third song, Emotions, is a quick return to the dance music that is a hallmark of Jason J.’s music. It is the title-track and his first hit--enjoying success topping the Los Angeles Record Pool and New Artist Radio’s charts. It has been remixed by several producers—all with even more techno and trance flavors. Akin to Here I Am, this is a torch song, but with more of a touch of an I Will Survive or Gotta Get through This, as the singer struggles to keep control of his emotions.
   I’ll be Your Friend and The Poet—are the two other songs released by Jason J (his others as Soul Murder, Leave the Crying for Heroes, or the remixes he has performed and recorded but not officially released). A personal song dedicated to his sister, I’ll be Your Friend is a feel good song that is more mellow than dance—a good song to cheer up a friend, having a Lean on Me type of vibe. His last song, The Poet, is a very different song from the rest, sung with well-known Israeli-singer Kobi Adato in the background. It has a more of a hip-hop feel with an angry tone behind it. Here, Jason J. complains of the conflicts that needlessly divide us even if it is cloaked in the name of “your game, your belief, your art.” Amidst the anger are simple but very thought-provoking lyrics: “Criticize, patronize, homicide, instead of empathize.” It is a song that can be applied to any conflict—including racism, homophobia and discrimination.
   In the end, Jason J. is an up and coming dance artist slowly building a following with club-friendly songs. His CD Emotions, is an eclectic mix of mostly dance songs with stirring lyrics—a mix of Daniel Bedingfield, Josh Groban, and Eiffel 65.
  For a limited time, Jason J. is offering his CD for free (just S/H) at

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