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jascuel - me myself and i band

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Members of the band

  Jascuel one manīs band - guitars, synthesizer, bass, singing, songwriter
  Guitars - Ibanezīs
  Efektit - Ibanez DE7, Zoom 505II, Zoom 9002, Boss MD-2
  Synthesizer and Bass - Edirol PCR-M50 midi keyboard + VST
  Drums - Quickbeat, Music Maker
  and - MusicMaker, Eurorack UB1002, Creative SB live, Carol, Asio, MiniHost, Peavey

General info

  I am a Christian Finnish home musician from Kouvola. In -89 I bought my first electric guitar which way I went to one of the first tunes in the early -90. I have replaced the so-called earmusician and I have no music collage background, so the notes and extracts is full incomprehensible and may include music professionals in the ears = D
  I was born again in -93 (I came to believer) and then underwent a God blessing in my life and happiness! At first I was a member of the Pentecostal Church of Kouvola, but later I found a home Voikkaa Pentecostal Church.
  I am playing in various configurations over the years mm. -95-97 Carpe Diem ( in a band called Sparks, and called the band in 97-98. Pentecostal church I was involved in praise of a group of seasonal and a few other configurations.
  In recent years, however, I made a nickname in the covers of Jascuel and my own music me myself and I nickname which. I have played and sang everything himself, as the name brand can be inferred. =D Today, I have also acted as the daughters of mixer meetings / events.
  I hope that my music would not only be entertaining, but through it I could take my gift a blessing to others and to the road marker to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Download free music

Armor of God n/a Download
Do not hide anything n/a Download
Footstep of sand n/a Download
Noname demo n/a Download
Summer song n/a Download
Weakness n/a Download
Young passion n/a Download

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