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Members of the band

  Janne Song Guitar Pierre Guitar Song Johan Bass Kenneth Drums

General info

  Band met on a flight from London bound for New York. We felt like we were on top of the world and now - WE (ARE THE WORLD)! The guitarist Pierré (the mad Frenchman rules). In the beginning, the favourite genre was Surfpunk. But now according to the madman we are more in to Bowlingrock. Although we hate bowling and golf. Under the influence of the man, we try to play as bad as possible, we mean; we don't like Toto. The band are now planning to record a new album in the south of France. One punchline doing the upcoming recording session is; What's in it for Moi? Developing new and killing bassline the new songs will blow you away. Hope to see you in the middle of somewhere. Finally if you visit, Stockholm, be aware there is a mad Frenchman on the loose.

Download free music

California Dreaming 1.99 MB Download
See me Feel Me 2.71 MB Download
Walk 3.04 MB Download

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