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Members of the band

  Anders Song Guitar Erik Guitar song Johan Bass Hidde Drums

General info

  The band was formed after a weird vacation trip two of the band members had. At the harbour we were followed by a lonely guy. He was drunk and he wanted someone to party with.We too wanted to party. Not with him but he was very persistant and he was actually a fun guy to be with.Later on in a more sober state he turned out to be a musician. Did we play any instrument,he wondered. Yes,we told him but never in any band. Two years later back in Stockholm,he phoned. He was forming a new band and wondered if we were interested.We hesitated because we knew that he liked jazz fusion.CRAP! Still,we wanted to be in a band and we decided to try it out.Well,at the first rehearsal we were met by a huge pile of effect boxes. WHAT IS THIS! But the two other guys he had found by advertasing liked the same music as us. After a while the jazz fusion freak left. We were free! We became KRAJN! Influences. Dead Kennedys Pil Ramones La Mourder

Download free music

Dubbelmoral 2.92 MB Download
Duser(baradetduvill) 2.03 MB Download
Krama 2.25 MB Download
Revansch 2.98 MB Download

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