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Jacks Family

Jacks Family
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Members of the band

  Kelly Jones - Violin/Vocals
  JeanPaul Dehavilland - Guitars
  Richard Potter - Bass
  Darren Tansly - Piano/keys
  Stoo - Drums

General info

  Formed in the summer of 2002 by songwriters Kelly Jones (vocals and violin) and Jean-Paul De-Havilland (guitars), Essex-based Jack’s Family embarked on a series of tours across the UK releasing the debut album ‘Poetry of Souls’ in 2002 and the EP ‘Man in the White Coat’ in 2004.
  Described variously as “a morbid Lacuna Coil” and “moody classical dark rock, raw and thrillingly bombastic” the line-up completed by drummer Nicholas J Spall, keyboardist Darren Tansley and bassist Rich Potter continued to play to a growing audience before undertaking their most ambitious recording to date.
  Travelling to Trinity Heights Studios in Newcastle they spent nearly two weeks locked away recording tracks for the new CD ‘One Big Disguise’ while filming the whole process for a documentary called ‘Behind the Disguise’. This audio-visual feast was just about to be released when Nick broke the terrible news that he had cancer. JF were left shattered by his death in October 2008, but driven by Nick’s wish that the band should continue. After many months of soul-searching, they decided to honour his wish and officially launch ‘One Big Disguise’ as a first step to the rebirth of Jack’s Family.
  ‘One Big Disguise’ is the culmination of six years of touring and songwriting and represents a band at their artistic and creative best. Nick’s thundering drums and complex rhythmic patterns within the huge soundscape of guitars, keyboards and violin underpin Kelly’s unmistakable and often haunting voice. From the opening guitar and violin duel of ‘Falling’, to the sweeping orchestral crescendo of ‘Cruelty on a Pedestal’, the album takes us on a dark and disturbing journey through the collective soul of five passionate and highly skilled musicians.
  Boasting production courtesy of Fred Purser (Tygers of Pan Tang) this is a powerful recording that finally captures the true essense of Jack’s Family on disc.
  Jacksfamily are now working with 4M Management.

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