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It's Not Dance Music

It's Not Dance Music
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Are you looking for something different, something that can make you think
  (or not)? Well look no further, This is the CD you have been searching for. This
  CD has it all, Ambient - Club - Rock - Experimental - Jazz  and more. This
  CD goes to the Moon, visits Vietnam, goes back in time, takes a tour under the
  ocean etc. For the low price of $7.98 you can have your very own copy of this
  adventure on a CD. Your life can not possibly be complete until your ears are
  graced with these unbelievable sound themes. So for better health and peace of
  mind, order your copy today. Remember this isn't just a CD with great tunes,
  this is an artistic adventure that you are being offered an opportunity to be
  part of. Every CD has a few of the artist's brain cells pressed into it and believe
  me the artist doesn't have many left. So hurry on down to the local
  store and order up a copy now before, well do it before you think about it.


This CD is an accumulation of sounds that went into my head, where they were manipulated and arranged to express a desirable combination of airwave movements that I hope you will find entertaining, inspirational, enjoyable and haunting. Sit back, Relax, Crank it up or better yet put the Head Phones on. Do what you must and take a ride in my mind's ear.


All my work is an Experiment

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