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I-tal Fiyya

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Members of the band

  I-Tal Fiyya is one of the newest Roots Reggae Artist to emerge from Providence, Rhode Island. He breaks the traditional idea that Reggae singers have to be from Jamaica or one of the other Islands to perform good Roots Reggae music. I-tal Fire started writing and performing in 1999. Within three months of hitting his first note, and writing his first tune he opened for Jimmy Cliff. This would be the beginning of I-Tal Fires many stage performances. Labeled as a messenger of Haile Selassie I by his band mates, he quickly grew into his craft as a vocalist/songwriter/producer.

General info

  I-Tal Fiyya's backing band can range from a 4-8 piece, brings traditional, and contemporary Reggae Riddims. Playing everything from Roots/Studio 1/Lovers Rock/Ska/Dancehall. This guarantees that all Reggae audiences favorite styles of Reggae will be heard. I-Tal Fires live performances are electrifying. He gives his audience classic reggae cover songs from Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/Jacob Miller/etc. as well as a blend of his original music. Angelic harmonies accommodate the mystical and vibrant sound of I-tal Fiyya. This leaving the audiences wanting more I-tal Fire.

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