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Istari Project

Istari Project
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Members of the band

  Marnix Schmitz : Atari Computer and midi-Hardware : Kawai K4, Yamaha TX81, Akai S2000

General info

  Istari project
  End-Study Project of Marnix Schmitz
  Made with the Atari-program TRANS devolved by C.E.M.
  Presentation on 15 June 1989 C.E.M. Studio, OudeKraan 26 Arnhem
  The TRANS program is a graphic mathematical program, you can calculate
  difference kind of formulas to develop a midi-score (CTRAN). This score can played
  in PTRAN. It is one of it's kind and takes years to work with and hard to get
  some interesting musical material out of it.
  Text Program Flyer :
  This Project has itís origin in to develop experiments of a syntheses of technique (knowledge) and intuition (non- knowledge). Human Kind self is a fantastic computer en we canít imagine itís possibilityís.
  I bring myself in a state of trance with some expedients, in with I working with must more real stuff than I canít understand. You can compare it with some sort of automatism, without to much thinking.
  But every part need itís preparation and gat itís own story.
  The parts are a blueprint of the moment and the circumstances and the influence it has on my.
  The total project exist on 22 parts, in averages 3 minutes a peace.
  For more info and Download the program TRANS, go to my Atari-Audio site (link)

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LI03MIX3 n/a Download
LI03MX09 n/a Download
LTASTEL n/a Download
MOONQUAR n/a Download
OPDRACH3 n/a Download
QUARIFIX n/a Download
RANDTEST n/a Download

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