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Instant Zen

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rock / hard rock


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  Well, I've added a new tune.
  It's called Showdown. That other guitar player, Kyle, was teaching me a new game and had me playing my ass off to try and keep up with his high energy riffing, and with each trade off of playing a solo he would try and one up me in one way or another, and challenging me to try and do the same regarding his solo.
  As usual all tracks are played in one continual take each, and if I screw up, I play the whole track over and hope I don't get distracted and make another mistake. I love to do things the hard way, I follow the philosophy that anything less makes a person weaker.
  Hard rock, instrumental,
  Metal with a soul of blues or blues with a soul of classical.
  I grew up on classical, playing piano and singing, and listening to symphonies and opera, but when I heard rock, real rock music, like Jimi Hendrix, Zep, Sabbath, Zappa, Floyd, UFO, etc., it changed my life as a musician forever, and I knew what it was I wanted to do. For the first time I found an instrument that could speak for me and even moreso it could say the things I felt, but could not put into words.
   All the music here was played and recorded previous to Mar10,2004 with some of it recorded as long ago as 1981. All the lead solos are improvised and were played in one unrehearsed,(how can you rehearse something that's spuriously created?), take from beginning to end and feature no editing or punch ins or any post production work. In fact, aside from balancing the track levels, no postproduction was performed on any part of the songs.

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2for1InspiredByaBrokenHeart1986 n/a Download
Flying375 n/a Download
Jam375 n/a Download
LittleFugueInAm1986 n/a Download
Tsunami n/a Download
VHTLANDr n/a Download
Victory375 n/a Download

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