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Members of the band

  Mikko Lassila - Vocals
  Jukka Všlikangas - Drums
  Antti Pollari -Bass
  Pekka Luoma - Keyboards
  Mikko Kaukoranta - Guitar

General info

  Insipid has been around since the year 2000. In the early years we tried many different music styles and the band's name also experienced some changes. In the beginning we did some small gigs but mainly we stayed in the protection of our garage. In the end of the year 2003 we got a new member to our band. He brought the keyboard with him to add that little something to our music.
  Soon after that we started to record our third demo (The first two ones were mainly experimenting to find our own style). With the demo we won a demo competition that was organized by radio channel YleX. The demo also attained good reviews from various music magazines.
  In the beginning of the year 2004 our original bass player had to leave Insipid since he didn't have time to play with the band. After a couple of months we met Antti at a bar and he was incidentally in search for a new band. He came to our practice sessions a couple of times and we noticed that he would be the right man to fill in for the bass player's spot. Since then we have done some gigs and recordings and our new 4-song EP is out now!

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Wake Me In The Sun n/a Download

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