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- Insanity

- Insanity
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Members of the band

  Dave Gorsuch - Guitar & Vocals
  Juan Casarez - Drums
  Falko Bolte - Bass & Vocals
  Ivan Munguia - Guitar

General info

  Formed in 1985, Bay Area band Insanity were instrumental in metal's evolution from thrash to death metal. Drummer Bud Mills was a big reason why, as his so-called "1-1" beat presaged the modern blast beat. The band's sound more than lived up to its name. Not only did it crank thrash up to frenzied warp speeds, it also displayed chops well ahead of its time. Insanity were legendary worldwide in the '80s metal tape trading circuit, with members of Carcass and Napalm Death citing them as an influence.

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Blood For Blood n/a Download
Fire Death Fate n/a Download
Possession n/a Download

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