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Members of the band

  Left to Right:
  Robert Bingham - Drums
  Draco A Aran - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
  Rawb Hardcastle - Guitar

General info

  Buying studio time in Los Angeles turned out to be expensive. For that reason, the only song that has rough vocals on top is Miserere Mei Deus (2004). It still needs a lot of work, but for being just a couple of quick impromptu takes, it could be a lot worse. I've been doing a lot of vocal training since, so I really need to redo the vocals.

Download free music

1.InnerEcho - Miserere Mei Deus n/a Download
2.InnerEcho - Guerrilla n/a Download
3.InnerEcho - Deus Lo Vult n/a Download
4.InnerEcho - The Raven n/a Download
5.InnerEcho - Tundra n/a Download
6.InnerEcho - 100 yrs of solitude n/a Download
7.InnerEcho - The Path of Excess n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks