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Members of the band

  Bruno Duarte

General info

  The beginnings of Immundus as a Ghost Ambient-genre began in 2003 after the split of of the band "Nekrocult Of Kronos"on which he was both bass and singer, followed by the moving to Norway capturing the ethereal musical soundscapes he?d heard in his head for years but never had the chance to create. Three years later, the solo project he dubbed Immundus sprung up from Immundus? desire (real name, Bruno Duarte) to tap into the spookiness and mystery of life.
  ?I have always been very interested in the paranormal, in hauntings, and in the afterlife and ghosts, so to be able to write music about subjects I?m interested in is definitely a great thrill,? Immundus says.
  Since Immundus devoted himself to sharing his other-worldly interests with music fans in this world, he has recorded several releases which can be viewed in the releases section on this website.
  Though he knows his music isn?t for everybody, Immundus? aural vision and sometimes bizarre atmospheric melancholy is right for all of us, even if for a brief, skin-crawling moment in time.
  ?Everyone enjoys some spookiness and unusual music on their life, even if for five minutes,? he says.
  While Immundus continues conjuring up his unique brand of gothic, mysterious music in some far off Norwegian recording studio, play one of his albums ? or just one song ? even if for just five minutes. Turn it up, turn out the lights, and close your eyes?You feel that feeling? Your skin erupts in thousands of goose bumps, all the little hairs on your arm stand at attention, your heart pounds so hard you?re sure it?s about to jump out of your chest, and the sensation of being watched by some unseen entity washes over you. Yeah, that feeling.
  That?s him?
  Providing the soundtrack to the darker side of life since 2006.

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