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Members of the band

  Aki Aunala - Guitars, Vocals and Bass
  Miska Aunala - Drum Programming
  Jukka Ignatius - Vocals in "Kadonnut Valo"

General info

  IBAS is a voice of a depression and the pilgrim of the ugly side of our life. This is a project which connects many of influences but tries to make it own thing in this world of "dead music"...
  If you like to smash your head against the wall in your real life, this might be also a great way to heal your scars!
  Our way is just beginning and lot of work is ahead, but listen what we´re talking about!

Download free music

Kadonnut Valo 4.00 MB Download
Näkymättömät Arvet n/a Download
Others 5.12 MB Download
Sieluteoria n/a Download

Latest tracks

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