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100 Dollar Stereo

100 Dollar Stereo
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Members of the band

  Roy Spreckley - Vocals
  Pete Marsh - Guitar/Backing Vocals
  Oli Shaw - Bass Guitar
  Lewis (Mr Mystery) - Human Beatbox
  Nik Vila Karpe - Drums/Percussion

General info

  The 100 Dollars play alternative melodic indie rock. The powerful vocal and driving guitar adds to an unmissable experience. After working alongside some top producers 100 Dollar Stereo are on the up giggging extensively throughout the UK... Catch up with them soon @
  The Sound, London 08.02.05
  The Barfly. Camden 20.02.05
  East 15 Uni, Epping 02.03.05
  Monkey Chews, Camden 10.03.05
  The Hope & Anchor, London 20.03.05
  The Red Rooms, London 11.04.05
  Storm, London 22.04.05
  Music Tek, Essex 23.04.05
  The Hope & Anchor, London 10.05.05
  East 15 Uni, Epping 10.06.05
  The Bull & Gate, 14.09.05
  Monkey Chews,Camden 15.09.05
  Carnavon Castle, Camden 24.09.05
  ...More dates to follow
  During the month of September The 100 Dollars recorded a new demo at Toe Rag Studios, London alongside Liam Watson (Producer of The White Stripes)
  The 100 Dollars are currently working on and producing an acoustic album in there very own studio.

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