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Hired Gun

Hired Gun
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Make Pöyhönen -vocals/guitar
  Miika Möttönen -drums
  Janne Heinonen -guitar
  Juha-Matti Parkkinen -bass
  Petri Mikkonen -guitar

General info

  Hired Gun is a hard/heavy rock oriented band founded around the end of year 2000. You can hear some influences from bands like Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Skidrow, Black Sabbath, Guns'n'Roses etc. in our music. All band members have got experience playing in bands before this.
  All four, new recorded songs added to this site and our homepage.
  Feel free to contact us and give feedback on the music!

Download free music

Chemical Mind n/a Download
Guns for hire n/a Download
Repeated Crime n/a Download
Someday n/a Download

Latest tracks

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