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Hurjat Hipit

Hurjat Hipit
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Korkki, drums
  Arska, bass
  Gonza, guitar
  Kartsa-eno, guitar
  Frank stillfast, guitar
  Leslie silver, guitar
  Minttu, guitar
  Sortsi, guitar
  Pete, guitar
  Jani, guitar
  Tupe, guitar
  Kaitsu, tambourine
  Hanna, bass
  Heikki, guitar
  Heikki, drums
  Jouni, drums
  Jarppa, bass

General info

  It all started a while ago: We began drinking... The music appeared and it was good, the best. We gigged, we broke up, we came back. We had a crisis but came through stronger than ever.
  Hurjat Hipit - Finland's loudest Cock-Rock band!

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(En mee kapakkaan) jumalaa palvomaan n/a Download
Hipit meloo tykimmin n/a Download
Jättiläisnaisen hyökkäys n/a Download
Kapteeni Koukku n/a Download
Mette Mannonen n/a Download
Se jokin sun sisälläsi n/a Download
Työmies n/a Download

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