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The High Planets

The High Planets
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Members of the band

  stuart villarroel-vocals guitars, computer

General info

  We are a determined bunch of pop obsessives with an agenda to shove imagination forceably back in to music. Fed up with pop that turns healthy minds to jelly, The High Planets are here to blow the boredom to smithereens. Using analogue and digital technology we are always on the event horizon of music, always looking for something new and exciting. Weapon of Love is our answer to the boring porridge served up, especially in the UK. Imagination rules! Convention stupifies! Check out The High Planets for stimulation and gratification.

Download free music

A Beautiful result 1.79 MB Download
All out to sea 4.71 MB Download
Anticipation 3.78 MB Download
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee 4.63 MB Download
Future Boy 5.34 MB Download
VENUS 3.60 MB Download
We saw something 2.01 MB Download
Weapon Of Love 5.25 MB Download

Latest tracks

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