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The High Fidelity

The High Fidelity
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Members of the band

  Sean Dickson
  Adrian Barry
  Paul Dallaway
  Ross McFarlane

General info

  Sean Dickson, former singer, songwriter, and guitarist of The Soup Dragons, disbanded his platinum-selling group in 1995. After their demise, he formed The High Fidelity and soon began the journey to create the debut album Demonstration, recorded in Sean's bedroom over a span of two years.
  After recording most of the album, he found himself in India working with Chandru - one of India's premier conductors and composers - who together a 65-piece orchestra to complete six songs on the album, complementing the band's eclectic pop mix of drum loops, electronics, and synths in rock-structured songs.
  The slower tempo follow up, 'The Omnichord Album' demonstrated a more stripped down approach, combining the beautiful harp-like sound of the omnichord instrument with swirling electronic effects and Sean's more hushed vocals.
  Click the WWW link above for a stockist of High Fidelity back catalogue (tip: enter just "High Fidelity" and not "The" in the search box)
  The songs here are previously unavailable live and session recordings, made available for fans on mp3 for the first time.
  Enjoy... The High Fidelity.

Download free music

Devil Got Shellsuit (Union Chapel 2000) n/a Download
Downtown NYC (Union Chapel 2000) n/a Download
Lazy B (Peel 1998) n/a Download
My Frequency (Peel 1998) n/a Download
Pelvic Rock (Peel 1998) n/a Download
Whitey (Peel 1998) n/a Download

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