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Harpdog Brown & the Bloodhounds

Harpdog Brown & the Bloodhounds
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Members of the band

  Harpdog Brown/Harp/Vocals
  Pete Turland/Doghouse bass
  Clay Sample/Guitar
  Cory Papirny/Drums

General info

  Isn’t it nice to know that all the “fast – food / flavor of the week” blues artist are easily dispensed with when compared with the REAL THING.I mean the bona-fide, totally authentic purveyor of heart and soul, down-in-the-alley blues. And, belive you me, Harpdog Brown and the Bloodhounds are purveyors with pedigree

Download free music

9 Below Zero 11.00 MB Download
Evenin' 10.96 MB Download
Home is Where the Harp is 9.02 MB Download
How Come 8.97 MB Download
Rocket 88 10.72 MB Download
Rockin Fool 10.01 MB Download
Soul Survivor 4.82 MB Download

Latest tracks

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