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Happy & Plaid

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Members of the band

  Whiteboy- Lead Guitar
  Disco - Drums/Percussion, Vocals, Other Guitar
  Teevie - Keyboard, Vocals
  Captain Maurice - Vocals, Percussion, Beard
  Terrapin - Bass on occasional sessions & live performances

General info

  This band existed from 1991 to 1993. We were really terrible and are only putting these songs here to embarrass ourselves. If you're dumb enough to download them, you'll get what you deserve.

Download free music

Dirty Old Man n/a Download
Folk Singer/I Was Dumped/Brad the Llama n/a Download
James Brown/Kick It/Roadkill (live)/Sex with You n/a Download
Sadness/Underworld Elvis/Whistling in the Dark n/a Download
Satan & Toast/I Can't Sing/Satan & Toast (Live) n/a Download
Take My Life Away-original/Fact of Life/Colorblind n/a Download
Why Do We Go to School? n/a Download

Latest tracks

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