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Members of the band

  Bjørnar "Bee" Flaa - Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
  Dag Jorgen "DJ" Helling - Guitars / Backing Vocals
  Tom Espen Pedersen - Guitars
  Espen Høgmo - Drums and Hysteria

General info

  HANGFACE - Hailing from Norway. Based in Los Angeles.
  Modern rock with radio-friendly melodies, great vocals and instrumentation.
  Hangface = Road Dogs. 260 US tour dates from Feb. '05 to Oct. '06.
  Hitting everything from clubs to major venues and arena shows.
  Shared stage with artists like Alice In Chains, Kid Rock, Shinedown,
  Billy Idol, David Bowie, Alanis Morisette, Pat Benatar etc., gathering
  fans nightly.
  "Hangface" is from the Norwegian word, HENGEFJES, which loosely
  translates to the 'morning after' visage, and similar to the American
  expression; 'why the long face?'.
  Hangface is fully endorsed by: -ESP Guitars, -Line6, -DW Drums, -GHS
  Strings, -Vic Firth Sticks, -Sabian Cymbals, -Modulus Basses and Latin
  Official Merchandise include:
  CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, temporary tattoos, thongs, underwear, girl Tops,
  whips, key Chains, belly button piercings, buttons, ink pens, can
  coolers, posters, signed 8x10 photos etc.
  'Metamorphosis' is produced by Grammy award winning engineer Mark
  Kiczula. (JayZ / Linkin Park). Mark is currently producer Don
  Gilmore's personal engineer. (Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Good
  Charlotte etc.)
  Debut CD 'Freakshow' was produced by Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, KISS,
  Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Slash, Bowie, etc). Artwork for 'Freakshow'
  received four (4) American Graphic Design awards. Guest appearances
  include: Joe Benson (95.5 Classic Rock) and Dean De Leo (Stone Temple
  Pilots / Army Of Anyone).
  Music video, "FREAKSHOW" directed by award winning director Marcel
  Langernegger. Music video, "WAIT" directed by Matt Touchard won three
  (3) 'Telly awards' and two (2) 'Accolade awards'. Videos available for
  download at the official website. (
  Hangface donated instruments to hurricane Katrina victims, orphanages
  and music programs as well as various high schools across the country.
  The band has their own Tour-RV with trailer for all the backline.
  Hangface is currenty seeking label/tour support.
  For more info please visit: and

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