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Members of the band

  Miika Hostikka(drums)-Mikko Heikkilä(vocals,guitars)-Tommi Muhli(guitars)-Jarno Uski(bass)

General info

  H/L music is DARK METAL ROCK!!!
  New album Sleeping Away 2003
  OUT NOW! Including tracks:
   - Sorrowking
   - Before the Dawn (her last...)
   - Sleeping Away
  In Darkness our Hearts Were Won!

Download free music

Agony 2.81 MB Download
Before the Dawn (her last farewells) 6.18 MB Download
Crimson Leaf 4.28 MB Download
Die for Me 3.61 MB Download
Love Till The End 5.28 MB Download
My Grace 0.76 MB Download
She and the Devil 2.58 MB Download
Sleeping Away 6.88 MB Download
Sweet Deep Silence 4.84 MB Download
Winters Fall 2.29 MB Download

Latest tracks

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